Brass Multi Flower Earrings with
Enamel and Swarovski Crystal

Dimensions: 1 1/2 inches long

PRICE: $29.00

Product Story

Swarovski (Austrian) Crystal is considered by
many people to be the finest quality, full-lead
crystal made today.  It contains a minimum of
32%PbO, making the crystal optically very pure.  
The crystal is then faceted with tremendous
precision, creating beautiful prisms.  Brilliant
colors and/or coatings are added to these crystals
to create pendants, stones, and beads of dazzling
beauty and tremendous variety of shapes and
sizes.  Swarovski Crystal is unmatched in quality
and distinction .Swarovski beads are made in a
factory in Wattens, Austria. Swarovski crystal
beads are created using a formula perfected by
Daniel Swarovski and his three sons at the turn of
the 20th century. All Swarovski crystal beads are
fired using a combination of quartz sand and
natural minerals, then cooled slowly to avoid
causing stress to the crystals. The high
percentage of lead in all Swarovski crystal beads
(32% compared to competitors 24%) as well as
the secret manufacturing process produces high
quality Swarovski crystal beads with a diamond
like brilliance.

Made in the USA

Care Recommendations:
May be cleaned with a soft cloth
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