Beautiful opalite and pearls with swarovski crystal give
this necklace a ocean glow

Dimensions 17 3/4 Length

Opalite, also known as "sea opal" is a laboratory-
created gem.The pastel glow is soft and captivating and
always looks refreshingly cool, whether it’s milky white or
flashy blue.

Throughout history, the pearl, with its warm inner glow
and shimmering iridescence, has been one of the most
highly prized and sought after gems. In ancient Rome,
pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and
social standing. The Greeks held the pearl in high
esteem for both its unrivaled beauty and its association
with love and marriage.
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PRICE: $129.00
Price: $69.00
Care Recommendations:
Pearls should not be exposed to water, cleansers,
excessive perspiration or prolonged sunlight. They
may be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Sterling silver will tarnish over time. To clean, use a
polishing cloth, commercial cleaner or sprinkle a fair
amount of dry baking powder on a soft cloth. Rub
carefully to avoid scratching stones or glass
components. When done, shake the powder off.
Product Story
Opalite coupled with pearls; Saphire blue swarsovki
crystal and 925 sterling necklace