Faceted Olivine Cubic Zirconia drop Crystal with  
Olivine swarovski crystal AB and 14 Karat Gold
Fill Leverback Earring
Highly faceted round Olivine Swarovski crystals with the
Auroa Borealis finish accent 1 large Olivine Cubic
Zirconia Crystal drop with 14 Karat Gold Leverback

Dimensions 1 3/4L
Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone, zirconium oxide
(ZrO2), a mineral that is extremely rare in nature but is
widely synthesized for use as a diamond simulant. The
synthesized material is hard, optically flawless and
usually colourless, but may be made in a variety of
different colours by using certain metal oxides during the
manufacturing process which give the stone a fiery
sparkle. Cubic zirconia is relatively hard, at about 8.5 on
the Mohs scale - nowhere near diamond, but much
harder than most natural gems. Because of its ,
durability, and close visual likeness to diamond, synthetic
cubic zirconia has remained the most gemologically  
important diamond simulant since 1976.

Swarovski (Austrian) Crystal is considered by many
people to be the finest quality, full-lead crystal made
today.  It contains a minimum of 32%PbO, making the
crystal optically very pure.  The crystal is then faceted
with tremendous precision, creating beautiful prisms.  
Brilliant colors and/or coatings are added to these
crystals to create pendants, stones, and beads of
dazzling beauty and tremendous variety of shapes and
sizes.  Swarovski Crystal is unmatched in quality and
distinction .Swarovski beads are made in a factory in
Wattens, Austria. Swarovski crystal beads are created
using a formula perfected by Daniel Swarovski and his
three sons at the turn of the 20th century. All Swarovski
crystal beads are fired using a combination of quartz
sand and natural minerals, then cooled slowly to avoid
causing stress to the crystals. The high percentage of
lead in all Swarovski crystal beads (32% compared to
competitors 24%) as well as the secret manufacturing
process produces high quality Swarovski crystal beads
with a diamond like brilliance.
AB - Aurora Borealis is a coating that gives the crystal a
rainbow sparkle effect, it was inspired by the Northern
Gold-filled is defined as a layer of 10kt or better gold
mechanically bonded under heat and pressure to
another metal, then rolled or drawn to a given thickness.
The quantity of the gold must be at least 1/20th of the
item's total weight. The item must be marked as 10, 12 or
14kt gold-filled. Gold-filled is much thicker than gold
plated, and gold-filled items are generally considered
lifetime products. All DM Design products use only 14/20
karat gold fill
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PRICE: $59.00
Care Recommendations:
Care Recommendations:
We do not recommend the use of commercial cleaners
on any of the gemstones offered through DM Design
Catalog. Avoiding over-exposure to outdoor elements,
such as sunlight and heat, will prolong the life of your
stone. Periodic cleaning with extremely mild soapy
water (lukewarm or cool) and polishing with a soft cloth
can keep your gemstone beautiful for years.
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