Nature Inspired False Indigo
Earrings with Bronze and
Hand Blown Glass

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Product Story

The name of the genus is derived from the
Ancient Greek word bapto, meaning "to dip" or
"immerse", while the specific name australis is
Latin for "southern". Additional common names of
this plant exist, such as indigo weed, rattleweed,
rattlebush and horsefly weed. The common name
"blue false indigo" is derived from it being used
as a substitute for the superior dye-producing
plant Indigofera tinctoria.

Hand patinaed bronze, cast glass petals with

Chalcedony ( /kælˈsɛdəni/) is a cryptocrystalline
form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths
of quartz and moganite. These are both silica
minerals, but they differ in that quartz has a
trigonal crystal structure, while moganite is
monoclinic. Chalcedony's standard chemical
structure (based on the chemical structure of
quartz) is SiO2 (silicon dioxide).

Chalcedony brings the mind, body and spirit into
alignment. It sends feelings of generosity and
benevolence to you. Chalcedony removes
unwanted feelings of hostility and removes
sadness. This stone removes self doubt and
builds self confidence. Using this stone to
meditate will help you become a more open and
enthusiastic person.

Bronze is a metal highly prized for its strength
and durability. It had a variety of uses in biblical
times and was employed extensively in both the
tabernacle and temple.

Made in the USA.

Care Recommendations:
May be cleaned with a soft cloth.
May we suggest
Nature Inspired False Indigo
Necklace with Bronze and Hand
Blown Glass