Nature Inspired Edelweiss
Necklace with Gold over
Bronze, Fresh Water Pearls,
Peridot and Yellow Jade

Dimensions: 16 inch Chain 1/2 inch drop

PRICE: $90.00

Product Story
Gold has, since time immemorial, been considered an
heavenly element. It represents Vitality, Life, Wisdom
and Virtue.
Bronze to the ancient Hebrews
represented Judgement.
Pearls denote social standing
and wealth and are known to attract luck.
Peridot helps
in Healing and Rebirth. It resonates compassion and
renewal. In China
Yellow Jade brings good fortune,
friendship and Loyalty.
The Edelweiss flower
represents devotion and deep love. It is collected on
daring steeps and precarious climbs that have proven
fatal to some who wanted to prove there love. This
necklace has a well balanced aura of prosperity and
abundance as well as beauty.

Made in the USA

Care Recommendations:
May be cleaned with a soft cloth.
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