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Nature Inspired Callery Pear
Leaves Necklace

Dimensions: 16 inches long with a 1 1/2 inch

PRICE: $150.00

Product Story

Hand patinaed bronze with and matte silver plate

The tree was originally planted at the trade center
complex in the 1970's. It was discovered in the
rubble weeks after the 9/11 attacks with snapped
roots and a blackened trunk. It was taken to the
Arthur Ross Nursery in Van Cortlandt Park in
Thee Bronx and nursed back to health. It was 8 ft
tall at the time of the attacks and now stands 35
feet tall. It was replanted at the site on
12/22/2010. The tree represents the city and the
country's resilience.

Made in the USA

Care Recommendations:
Pearls should not be exposed to water, cleansers,
excessive perspiration or prolonged sunlight.
They may be cleaned with a soft cloth
Callery Pear Leaves Earrings