Blue Opal Hummingbird Earrings with
Sterling Silver Coated with Rhodium

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Product Story

The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as
Additional symbolic meanings are:

Lightness of being, enjoyment of life
Being more present
Bringing playfulness and joy in your life
Lifting up negativity
Swiftness, ability to respond quickly
Resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly

Aztecs wore hummingbird talismans, the talismans being representations as
well as actual hummingbird fetishes formed from parts of real hummingbirds:
emblematic for their vigor, energy, and propensity to do work along with their
sharp beaks that mimic instruments of weaponry, bloodletting, penetration, and
intimacy. Hummingbird talismans were prized as drawing sexual potency,
energy, vigor, and skill at arms and warfare to the wearer
. The Aztec god of
war Huitzilopochtli is often depicted as a hummingbird. It was also believed that
fallen warriors would return to earth as hummingbirds and butterflies.[85] The
Nahuatl word huitzil (hummingbird) is an onomatopoeic word derived from the
sounds of the hummingbird's wing-beats and zooming flight. One of the Nazca
Lines depicts a hummingbird. The Ohlone tells the story of how Hummingbird
brought fire to the world. Trinidad and Tobago is known as "The land of the
hummingbird," and a hummingbird can be seen on that nation's coat of arms
and 1-cent coin as well as its national airline, Caribbean Airlines.

Lab Opal are extremely durable and beautiful. They will not break or crack and
will last for years to come.

Rhodium is an extremely durable and beautiful shiny metal finish added to
sterling silver jewelry to prevent the metal from oxidizing.

Made in the USA

Care Recommendations:
May be cleaned with a soft cloth
Blue Opal Hummingbird  
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