Honey Amber Bee Necklace
Swarovski Crystal
Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 2 inches long with bail
1 1/2 inches wide
with 18 inch sterling silver chain

PRICE: $89.00

Product Story

Honey and Lemon Amber from Poland.

The Bee represents:
Love, Life, Order,Growth, Wisdom, Beauty, Family
Delight,Mystery, Sweetness, Provision, Nurturing
Community, Organization, Productivity, Communication

n Egypt, the bee was a symbol of royalty and power.
This comes from the legend that the bee was born from
the tears of Ra, who was an important sun god among
ancient Egyptians. Furthermore, the ruler of Lower
Egypt was often referred to as "He who belongs to the

Amber is a tree resin that solidified and became
fossilized. It is a powerful healer and cleanser that
promotes and encourages peacefulness, trust, and

The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit
of amber, called Baltic amber or succinite. It dates from
44 million years ago (during the Eocene epoch). It has
been estimated that these forests created more than
100,000 tons of amber. Typical beach sand on the
Baltic Sea is where amber is often washed up.

Made in the USA

Care Recommendations:
May be cleaned with a soft cloth